Design Miami/ – My Selects

Toni Losey, Benedict and Louie, 2022; J. Lohmann Gallery.
Lina Bo Bardi, Bowl Chair, 1950s; Dilentante.
Christopher Kurtz, Blonde Drinks Cabinet, 2022 ; Sarah Myerscough.
Aleksandra Pollner, Gleaning: Table, 2022; Wexler Gallery.
Suzanne Rami̩ РMadoura, Lampe Architectur̩e, 1965; Lebreton.
Wendell Castle, Wandering Mountain, 2014; Friedman Benda.
Ingrid Donat, Commode Facettes Haute, 2017; Carpenters Workshop Gallery.
Rick Owens, Curial (Aluminum), 2022; Carpenters Workshop Gallery.
Pierre Jeanneret, Library Table with Light, 1963-64; Galerie Patrick Seguin.
Les Argonautes, Mirror, c.1950; Magen H Gallery.
Max Lamb, Cleft Chairs , 2022; FUMI Gallery.
Sergio Rodrigues, Custom shelf, ca. 1970; R & Company.

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