Since it began being crafted for royalty and aristocracy in the ancient world, furniture has been situated at the intersection of architecture, art, crafts, design, taste, and power. Furniture has come to express ideas related to the changing nature of society, technology, industrialization, and innovation. In my new series Materials and Furniture: The Legends, I will host nine of the most intriguing talents in the field of materials and furniture in conversations about the increasing presence of furniture design in contemporary culture—discussing the exciting, surprising, dynamic, and influential area of design and its place in our culture.

February 15, 22
March 1, 8, 15, 29
April 5, 19, 26
May 3

Hella Jongerius, Franco Audrito, Studio DRIFT, Aldo Bakker, Maarten Baas, Joseph Walsh, Mattia Bonetti, Hervé Van der Straeten, Jaime Hayon