The Tastemakers

I am thrilled to announce my upcoming new course, opened this spring at the New York of Interior Design, ‘The Tastemakers.’ The leading question that this course comes to address is – Who are the tastemakers? While the dictionary says they are those deciding and influencing on what is fashionable, in reality, they are much more intriguing, complex, and fascinating. This course comes to explore the proponents of taste, those historical personalities who are remembered, and those responsible for shaping the taste of today. It takes the format of a seminar, where all participants take an active part with participation and presentations, while at the same time exploring their own taste. With a sharp sense of beauty, sophisticated judgment, and personal style, and through promoting and sharing their vision, the tastemakers have made a significant cultural impact, shaping the taste of their time. They project taste which is accomplished, educated, and elevated beyond the immediacy. Those powerful figures never follow the mainstream, but always think outside of the box. Their taste is created from within. Sharing it, is their cultural contribution. Tastemakers, both historical and contemporary, have not followed one path. They have rather established the structure of taste using all elements available. Whether it is high or low, elite or street, minimalist or ornate, modern or traditional, local or global, familiar and surprising, luxurious and plain. But, their taste is always authentic, always reflects who they are, and this is why people value their opinions and look up to them. Taste, to them is faith. Registration is open 

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