The Surreal Lights of Charles Trevelyan

In my recent visit to Carpenters Workshop Gallery, I came across the sculptural lighting of the young and amazingly talented Australian-born, London-based designer Charles Trevelyan. The fact that he is holding degrees in Science, Materials Engineering, and 3D Design, is apparent in his work, which is made of steel, timber, and marble powder. His new light sculptures look like surreal tees that, together, form a forest of fantasy. As an artist, Trevelyan belongs to a generation of contemporary designers seeking to attain objects with narratives. His conceptual pieces are sumptuous, refined, and surreal, and look as if they are inspired by objects created by the circle of the Giacometti Brothers, May Ray, and Jean-Michel Frank. Tensions between soft forms and hard materials, between complexity and elegance have come to define his language, making objects that are intriguing and fantastic. 

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