The Story of Modern Design: Modernism

I am thrilled to announce the opening of another section in The Story of Modern Design – on Wed, May 26th. This online course by the Center for Architecture/AIA comes to explore the foundation of modern design history. This 5-session section provides an overview of the Modern Movement in Germany, France, Italy, and America. Themes include the Bauhaus, German Expressionism, the International Style, Art Deco, French Modernism, Italian Rationalism, American Streamlining, the Golden Age of the Skyscraper, and more. By examining interiors, furniture, objects, buildings, designers, makers, methods of production, and material culture, students will develop an understanding of the history of design and its visual vocabulary. Join dozens of design lovers, architects, and interior designers from all over the world for a story time every Wednesday at 10:00 am EST, shape your knowledge, and elevate your taste. Registration is open.

This program is supported by US Modernist.

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