The Salon Art + Design: Selects

Peter Maes, presented by Atelier Courbet.
Ron Arad, presented by Diner Gallery.
Sebastian ErraZuriz, Custom “Freeze” console in composite marble, presented by R & Company.
Pieter Maes, ‘Fold Table,’ presented by Atelier Courbet.
Jeff Zimmerman, Unique crumpled sculptural vessel in mirrorized silver, and teal glass with white pearl applications, presented by R & Company.
Liam Lee, presented by Patrick Parrish.
Iede Takahiro, Vessel Ritsu, 2019, metal weaving of shakudo, shibuichi and silver, presented by Onishi Gallery.
Lino Tagliapietra, presented by Heller Gallery.
George Nakashima, Burl Coffee Table, presented by Moderne Gallery.
Ayala Serfaty, Soma, presented by Maison Gerard.
Luiza Miller, Coffee table, c. 1970, Steel, presented by Magen H Gallery.

John Dickinson, Twig Table, Painted plaster, 1971, presented by Liz O’Brien.

Ico and Luisa Paris, Sofa, Model No. 812, 1953, presented by Donzella.
Courtesy of Friedman Benda and Wendell Castle Inc., presented by Friedman Benda.
Sideboard by Joaquim Tenreiro, presented by Gabriele & Guillaume.
Jean DERVAL (1925-2010), Vase Zoomorphe, c. 1955, Glazed and carved ceramic vase, signed, presented by Leberton.

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