Home of the Future

Domestic culture is one of the main areas of my passion for design, and I always find it intriguing when a museum exhibition or new published scholarship appears. Therefore, I am waiting in anticipation to the upcoming exhibition ‘Home of the Future,’ which will open next month at the London Design Museum. It explores a fascinating subject rarely addressed before. It examines the past speculations regarding avant-garde living, interiors, and domestic culture, exploring those designers and forecasters who predicted the future, and looking at whether these pioneers were correct about their speculations. Naturally, the objects on display manifest not only futuristic concepts and forms, but also the technological aspirations of their time. Among the futuristic projects and themes, it includes ‘Living Smart,’ when the ideal home was compare to a machine; Living on the Move, presenting visions of a fluid, nomadic way of life; Living Autonomously with responsibility for the environment. Stay tuned. 

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