Harvest Dialogues 2018

Harvest Dialogues marks the second season of my talk show about the design world. In fact, we started filming this week at Carpenters Workshop Gallery! Some of my readers have asked me to reveal the list of guests, so here they are. In the Architecture episode: Thomas Mellins & Kate Ascher discuss the fascinating history of New York City real estate in their new book, New York Rising: An Illustrated History. Curator of Modern Design at MoMA, Juliet Kinchin, reveals her special connection to the Glasgow School of Art, tragically demolished by fire earlier in the summer. Derek Ostergard, curator, design historian and critic, analyzes Otto Wagner’s impact on Vienna’s Golden Age in the year of Wagner’s Centennial. The winners of the 2018 National Design Award for Architecture, wife-and-husband team Marion Weiss & Michael Manfredi, talk about the democratization of public architecture and the progressive ideals of equal partnership. Martin Filler comments on the third volume of his superb book series, Makers of Modern ArchitectureIn the Design episode, Carolyne Roehm comments on her exquisite autobiography, Style & Design: A Constant Thread, and celebrates the notion of living with style. Alexandra Lange discusses her intruiging book, The Design of Childhood. Alan Tanksley reveals the concept that inspired his model apartment in the legendary Woolworth Tower. Gallerists Mark McDonald and Sienna Patti talk about their upcoming exhibition, “Art Jewelry,” which celebrates New York City Jewelry Week at the Jewelry Library. Michael Jefferson explains the allure of Instagram and how it intersects with collecting design. In the Furniture episode, Alyce Perry Englund, curator of the American Wing at The Metopolitan Museum of Art, explains the significance of Thomas Chippendale’s Tricentennial. Architect-trained Yoav Lieberman celebrates both the aesthetics and the sustainability of reclaimed wood. Gallerist Nicholas Kilner talks about a cabinet by the Dean of Modern Italian Design, Gio Ponti, recently sold at auction by Rago Arts. Neal Aronowitz visits from Portland to talk about crafting furniture of concrete canvas. Robert Couturier, architect, designer and tastemaker, critiques a controversial chair by Zaha Hadid Architects. Harvest Dialogues is directed by Olia Mirra, founder of Mirra Studios. Original score by Arthur Hernandez. The Executive Producer is my long-time collaborator, Antonia Marrero. This series is made possible by Rago Auctions. Jewelry by Featherstone Designs. Photos by Joseph Bennett and Mirra Studios.

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