Gallery FUMI’s new Temple of Design

Congratulating Valerio Capo and Sam Pratt, founders of Gallery FUMI for opening a new space on Hay Hill, Mayfair, a two-story, bright, and spacious temple of the contemporary design that the gallery has represented for the past nine years. FUMI has made its name with discovering international artists creating design which is provocative, intriguing, and rooted in handcraftsmanship. FUMI’s inaugural exhibition, ‘Praeteritum, Praesens et Futurum,’ is devoted to works by sculptor Rowan Mersh. Latin for past, present and future, this show comes to present a reflection on the artist’s practice in the past and present, with an anticipation for the future (open May 19-July 1). I was first introduced to Mersh’s work at the Salon Art + Design and was immediately drawn to the textile quality of his sculptures. It was a wall piece crafted of thousands of seashells, assembled in tedious process (above). Seashells to Mersh, are not selected only for their immense beauty, but also for their ability to express a fascination with aspects of historical, social, and contextual functions. A new venue of spectacular design, a must stop for anyone visiting London. 

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