Ferrari: Under the Skin

ant to devote this post to my son who loves Ferrari, because for the Design Museum in London is going to celebrate 70th anniversary of the brand with a comprehensive exhibition, opening in November. It comes to illuminate the life of its founder, Enzo Ferrari (below), and to allow the viewer a better understanding of the design process, manufacturing technologies, and the sophisticated engineering behind the legendary car. Entitled ‘Ferrari: Under the Skin,’ it will survey the brand from the launch of the first Ferrari car in 1947 to the latest car production, in collaborating with the Museo Ferrari in Maranello. With rarely seen material, early design models, drawings, letters, and memorabilia, in addition to some of the most famous Ferraris to be seen on roads and racing circuits around the world, this anticipated show is meant to provide an unprecedented study of automotive design, and will be a particular attraction to those interested in car design.

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