Visiting Aldo Bakker

The most substantial, ambitious, and accomplished aspect of the work of Dutch designer/artist Aldo Bakker is the perfection of beauty. This is what we have learnt this morning, when hosted at his humble studio at the center of Amsterdam. Here, the son of legendary designer and co-founded of Droog Design Gijs Bakker, creates the most refined, sophisticated, intriguing, and poetic objects that are informed by an intellectual process of rethinking and perfecting forms. Bakker, who has never received a formal education in design, demonstrates the power of talent and understanding of aesthetics to form distinctive personal language and to capture the perfection. He does not belong to a group, or a school, but has been feeling individualistic from the time he remembers himself. His language, is born from his own identity. Thank you, Aldo Bakker for a memorable morning.

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