Takis-Prouvé at Art Brussels

​With the courageous investigations and the finding of the last suspect in the terrorist attack last month, Brussels is getting ready for the upcoming Art Brussels, the contemporary art fair. In its reduced form, Galerie Downtown will be presenting an exhibition ‘Takis-Prouvé’ which comes to juxtapose contemporary art and mid-century architecture by two key figures in the history of art and design, Jean prouvé and Greek artist Panagiotis “Takis” Vassilakis. Takis’ work will be exhibited beside a demountable house, which Prouvé designed in 1958 (below). The all-aluminum structure is particularly interesting as it was built in the late 50s, seven years after Prouvé had lost the control of his factory and worked out of his Atelier, creating furniture and buildings. His architecture of this period was conceived in a close dialogue with contemporary architecture of the time.

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