Remembering Vladi

I couldn’t have imagined a better way to remember Vladimir Kagan than the intimate, moving gathering of friends in Michael Hirtenstein’s triplex in Tribeca this week. Because the interior of this stunning home was one of the most ambitious projects that Kagan has undertaken with Amy Lau, the interior decorator he loved as a daughter. Hirtenstein is a ‘design addict’ in his words, the perfect client for Kagan and for the aspiring Lau.  In the expansive space, which resulted from consolidating five separate apartments, Hirtenstein allowed Kagan to fulfill his dreams, and to create magical pieces which will be remembered as the best he has designed in the last years of a prolific and super successful career. The majestic custom-made sofas were developed on-site, and together with the dining chairs (table by Silas Seandelsuite), and the pieces in the master suite, attain the home with harmony and love, reminding us of Kagan’s remarkable cabinetmaking skills, which he learnt from his father, and which he has brought into the DNA of American design. Powerful pieces of furniture for powerful space, illustrating the spirit, passion and legacy of Vladi, whom we will always miss. Images courtesy of Amy Lau and AD. 

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