One Morning with Suzanne Demisch

Thank you, Suzanne Demisch for speaking at the program Collecting Design this morning and for sharing your amazing expertise and the story of pioneering the market of French design of the 60s and 70s. Co-founder of Demisch Danant  with Stephane Danant in 2005, Demisch is known for promoting, exhibiting, and rediscovering the work of French designers of that glorious era, when France moved away from the industrial modernism of the postwar years to luxurious, stylish, and chic design, reflecting the flourishing of the Art of Living. I particularly love the story of her meeting with Maria Pergay in Morocco and about working with the French designer who began her career in 1956, and who pioneered the use of stainless steel in furniture in the 60s, in developing a remarkable 21st-century career. 

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