On Instagram and Collecting Design

Instagram has come to dominate social media, constantly changing the way we communicate, consume, think and live. With 800 million users, its impact on the world of design is immense. The intersection of collecting design and social media, the new definitions of collectible design that was formulated by Instagram, and its role in today’s interiors as portrayed in posts by architects, interior designers, and influencers is the focus of the first session in the fall season of my program Collecting Design: History, Collections, Highlights. How do we define our taste in the digital age though the objects we collect? What are the new cultural meanings of collecting as identified in Instagram?  How can we use this platform to elevate our taste? What can we learn from Instagram about collecting? How can we express and share our collections online with others and for what purpose? These are some of the questions and issues will be posed in the program which begins on October 2nd at the New York School of Interior Design. In his role as an international design specialist, Michael Jefferson has witnessed the process in which Instagram has become a key player in the collecting design market, and he will be there to share his thoughts and revelations. Registration is open now. Above, from the stunning exhibition on Pierre Jeanneret at 1950 Gallery / Alberto Aquilino, who will be presenting as well.