On Collecting Paul Evans

I am pleased to announce that we have started shooting the film on collecting furniture by Paul Evans today. A part of an ongoing series on collecting design, which is produced in conjunction with a program I teach at the New York School of Interior Design “Collecting Design: History, Collections, Highlights,” this film is supported by Rago Auctions. It comes to tell the story of a radical metalsmith who created new and provocative type furniture that came to change the face of furniture design in mid-century America. The furniture has been sought by collectors worldwide since the market for Evans’ work emerged around the year 2000. While Americans were the first to discover Evans’ expressive and sculptural pieces, his work is collected today in Europe, Asia, and South America, and his pieces illustrate catalogues of some of best design auctions in the world. We seek to tell Evans’ story and to examine Evans’ artistic language and the emergence of the market of his complex work. His artistic language was radical and personal, moving from Brutalism to Pop, from Op Art to Minimalism, to Streamlining. It spanned biomorphic and geometrical forms; featured from the Expressive to the abstract; from the architectural to the decorative; from rough textures to sleek, gleaming surfaces; from individual, handcrafted objects, to serial production. The film features some of the world best experts that share their passion, experience, and expertise with those seeking to understand Evans’ work and with those looking to acquire his pieces in today’s market. I would like to take this opportunity and to thank David Rago from Rago Auctions for making this film possible and to our speakers: Anthony Ingrao, Glenn Adamson, Dorsey Reading, and Charlie Yassky, and film maker Mihalis Gripiotis. I want to acknowledge The Row for the support and to thank its founders Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen who have recognized collectible design as mandatory component in crafting spaces that are unique, personal, and sophisticated.  All images @Rago

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