Gio Ponti on his Birthday

In celebrating his 126th birthday, lets remember the man who is known as the Dean of Italian Modern Design. Gio Ponti was born in Milan, studied architecture there, established his practice, and has been an integral part of the city and its design legacy to this day. Throughout his accomplished career, Ponti founded Domus Magazine, promoted the design of the day, creating architecture, built Italy’s tallest building, devised interiors, and designed products for over 100 companies. In fact, Ponti was so influential that one cannot even start looking or thinking about Italian design without considering his contribution. Ponti was central to the Novecento Movement of the 20s; key player in the Rationalist Movement of the 30s; epitomized Italy’s economic revival after WWII; and took part in the Postmodernist Movement in the later years of his career. Today, lets remember Gio Ponti.

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