Galerie – where Art meets Design

Congratulating my two friends Lisa Cohen and Suzy Slesin, for the wonderful second issue of their beautiful new magazine Galerie (published by Hudson Media). With the inflation in design magazines, both in print and digital, it seems that it would be almost impossible to introduce a new approach into this arena. But the duo, Cohen, the Founder and Editorial Director and Slesin, the Editor in Chief, with her extensive experience as an editor and writer in the territory of design, have come up with a brilliant concept that couldn’t have been more relevant to today’s readers and to the way design has developed in the early years of the 21st century. Seeking the art within the interior, the art within design, Galerie illuminates the way people live today with art in their homes. It is about life with art and about the art of living. Moving from interiors, to collectible design, to fashion, to industrial design, to the stories of artists, designers, and those creative forces living today, this high-brow magazine is in the mission of presenting the way art and design have lived together in a way that has come to shape the taste of our time. 

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