Designing the 21st Century Podcast – Episode 2

In the Podcast Designing the 21st Century, I host visionaries, extraordinary talents who stand at the forefront of the world of design and architecture, and who bring the best, most fascinating stories. Today with me are five 5 spectacular men who believe in groundbreaking innovation, and who join me in exploring the power of understanding design with their own cutting edge work and thinking.

Kai Bergman, partner at Bjarke Ingels Group and responsible for firm’s projects in over 20 different countries; Craig Robins, the Miami-based renowned real estate developer who has created new neighborhoods and revitalized neglected ones, always merging culture, art, and architecture; architect Mitchell Joachim, founder of Terrefoem ONE, a nonprofit group that seeks to stop the extinction of planetary species through pioneering projects in design; architect Dan Kaplan who is passionate about New York City and about urban living, and who creates high-performance buildings that are planted in their environment; and Serban Ionescu, an architect who makes the most amazing furniture and sculpture where form, bright happy colors and narrative are combined into his unique personal creations.

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