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The Carnegie Museum of Art has opened a new show that comes to celebrate and define current architecture through the work of 10 young practices from around the world. The exhibition is called The Fabricated Landscape, and it explores some innovative minds working in contemporary architecture today, demonstrating diversity of buildings. What defines the projects is not a common style, but rather relationships, to local communities, to natural environments, awareness of cultures, but also cutting edge perceptions and sustainable solutions. It is emphasizing the role of architecture in our lives and the way in which architects participate in making the world a better place. Raymund Ryan, Curator-at-Large, of the Heinz Architectural Center at the Museum is responsible for this ambitious project, and I spoke to him in episode number 9 in the podcast program Designing the 21st Century.

By MAIO, Barcelona, Spain.
Go Hasegawa, Tokyo, Japan.
UMWELT, Santiago, Chile.
Anna Heringer, Laufen, Germany.
Assemble, London, UK.
Anne Holtrop, Amsterdam, The Netherlands & Muharraq, Bahrain.
Frida Escobedo, Mexico City, Mexico.

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