Construction – Martin Szekely

I have always praised the juxtaposition of the antique and the minimalist, finding it inspiring and powerful in every way, always unexpected, always moving. The reduction of Minimalism against the antique whether its rustic or ornate, support each other in a special way that is closed to my heart. Now that the new Musée des Arts Décoratifs et du Design, situated in a former jail in Bordeaux, France showcases a solo show of minimalist designer Martin Szekely (b. 1956), this formula is illuminated. Entitled ‘Construction – Martin Szekely,’ it includes of pieces created by the French designer throughout three and a half decade accomplished career, demonstrating his strong commitment to the oeuvre and language of minimalism. His pieces are structural, compositional, balanced, precise to perfection, corresponding to the interior space, complex yet simplified, engineered physical forms. Materiality is a crucial principle to any minimalist design and for Szekely, every piece begins with the material. Whether natural or composite, the material’s contribution to the power of the design and to its poetic quality, is immense. While his language can be defined and his aesthetic sensibility is fully mature, his portfolio is completely diverse, dressing the functional with the narrative, and creating what I call ‘classic contemporary design,’ timeless objects that look superb in the former jail.     

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