Collecting George Nakashima: the Film

Collecting George Nakashima, the film, is now available online. I have created this film for all the interior designers, architects, collectors, design collectors, scholars, all those who are passionte about design and who want to learn about this giant, an architect, designer and thinker, who called himself woodworker. For nearly five decades, he lived in New Hope Pennsylvania, creating some of the most memorable and poetic pieces of furniture in the history of American design. Considered by most historians as the hero of the Studio Movement, Nakashima represents its most successful story, and his pieces were the first  Studio furniture to be collected in the secondary market. He integrated work, life, and the natural world which he admired, when crafting furniture that grew out of his philosophy and belief that every tree deserves another chance, ‘a second life,’ in his words. In the early 2000s, a decade after his death, Nakashima had suddenly come into the international spotlight and his furniture has since become regular in the marketplace, featured in interiors worldwide. This film comes to tell that story. I want to thank to the New York School of Interior Design, to Rago Auction, Cultured Magazine, and DeTnk. Also to the speakers who share their passion and expertise: David Rago, Phyllis Lifschutz, James Zemaitis, Bob Aibel, Russell Piccione, Michael Gruber, and Mira Nakashima and the team at Goerge Nakashima Woodworker for a tremendous suppor and for allowing us into the archives. Enjoy. 

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