California in the 70s

With the wealth of virtual programs, I would like to suggest the program ‘California in the ’70s—The Mindset, the Materials, the Architects’ by the Los Angeles Conservancy, on July 22nd.
Los Angeles gave rise to a hotbed of architectural ingenuity during the 1970s, as seen in the creation of its architectural institutions and a burgeoning crop of ambitious architects such as Frank Gehry, Charles, Moore, Cesar Pelli, and others. Now household names, these rising stars pushed beyond Modernism to create something new, experimenting with untraditional materials and revolutionary techniques. Learn from panelists about the advantages and opportunities L.A. provided these pioneering figures and their resulting legacies. 
The 1970s were a unique period of architectural design and experimentation—but the perceived “unfriendliness” of buildings from this era can sometimes put them at risk for extensive remodels and alterations. This Live Stream panel will focus on how to balance the needs of the public with the duty of historic preservation, and what this could mean for future preservation efforts. 

The program will be taking place tomorrow. 


Terry Wild, Los Angeles, 1970


Bevan Davies Los Angeles, 1976

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