Benoist F. Drut recipient of the Outstanding Dealer Award

This is to congratulate my friend and colleague Benoist F. Drut, owner of Maison Gerard for receiving the super prestigious Iris Foundation Award by the Bard Graduate Center. The new award, for Outstanding Dealer, will be celebrated next month at the Colony Club. Established in 1997 to recognize scholars, patrons, and professionals who have made outstanding contributions to the study and appreciation of the decorative arts by my alma mater, the Iris Foundation Awards have since become an important event in the world of design. Throughout his distinguished career, Benoist has made many contributions to the field of decorative arts and design, showing and advancing contemporary works alongside with 20th century design masterpieces, curating exhibitions and providing beauty to some of New York’s most outstanding interiors. To me, in addition to his immense knowledge, outstanding expertise, and exquisite personal taste, he is one of the most generous people I know, a true friend, loyal, and supportive, one of those people that everyone loves. Congratulations, Benoist F. Drut for a spectacular achievement.