Visiting Egg Collective

In the enormous world of furniture, the definition of a unique identity has become more and more challenging. Yet, visiting the studio of Egg Collective with my class this morning, it has immediately become clear that the three founders, Hillary Petrie, Crystal Ellis, and Stephanie Beamer have found their own place and voice in the territory of furniture design. Their architectural training at Washington University, where the three initially met is apparent in the minimal, clarity of forms, basic geometrical shapes, total absence of ornament, soft colors, attention to details, and a commitment to refined craftsmanship. There is a sense of freshness, airiness, and something youth about their furniture, all of which is produced locally in their own studio in Brooklyn, and shown at their stylish Tribeca showroom where we were hosted. What I found particularly interesting, is that the mode of the furniture is projected in the way they dressed, speak, and express themselves. What I can call Gesamstkunstwert. Thank you, Egg Collective, for enlighten our morning and for illuminating your vision, guiding us, through perfection, to train our eyes for recognizing greatness in design. All images courtesy Egg Collective, 

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