The Haas Brothers at The Bass

If authenticity is the key concept to what we should consider ‘good design’ today, then, the Los-Angeles-based Haas Brothers (b. 1984) embody the design culture of this generation. The new and first solo museum exhibition of the twins Nikolai and Simon Haas at The Bass is one of the most exciting and refreshing events in the Art Basel Week in Miami. Authenticity, I say, because their language is rooted in their own experience as teens in the world of video games and in exploring nature, sexuality, and fantasy. All of these are voiced in their art/design which is playful, humorous, and attuned to popular culture. What I have learnt from the Haas Brothers, is that when designers can translate in a genuine and faithful way an authentic experience, then the knowledge in the history of design is becoming less crucial. I have first seen their work and met them ten years ago at R & Company; the direction has not changed, because of the authenticity. But it has evolved, developed, manifesting the fact that the opposition between crafts and fine arts which was so apparent in the previous century has diminished. What is becoming more developed is the craftsmanship, which plays a key role in their evolution and in the production of all of their sculptural furniture, objects, and art. The installation is brilliant, both literary and conceptually. The exhibition is presented in two rooms, each painted in bright colors, and each represents another aspect of their work. In the first, are their hairy chaises, sculptures, and the hand-layered liquid clay vases, and the other presents fantastical beaded chairs and sculptures. Run to The Bass if you are in Miami this weekend.  

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