The Forrest Gump of the Furniture World

Thank you, Jacob Bernstein, for including me in your excellent profile on Paul Evans, published in the New York Times today. The article comes to look at the exact same angle of Evans’ work and career which I seek to examine in my upcoming film Collecting Paul Evans, which will air in the spring at the New York School of Interior Design (supported by Rago Auctions). Bernstein, who has looked at such famed collectors of Evans as Tommy Hilfiger and Lenny Kravitz, and has spoken with key figures in the market for Evans, has concluded that the ‘furniture-world Forrest Gump,’ as he calls him, is the most collectible American designer of the moment. While fairly controversial, considered by some who were interviewed for this article as the least deserving of that designation, Evans is the talk of the day. For the occasion of the new film, I plan to devote an entire session in the spring season of the course Collecting Design: History, Collections, Highlights at the New York School of Interior Design, to Evans. Registration is open now. 

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