The Beautiful Grain

The image of the wood in its evolution and most organic form, growing from the ground, and becoming one of the most important materials in furniture design, is the theme of the new group exhibition at Gallery FUMI, entitled ‘The Beautiful Grain.’ Featuring eleven of the gallery‚Äôs global artists, the pieces on display were all created for the show, offering interpretations of this intriguing theme, and ultimately demonstrating the presence of wood in contemporary design. The exhibition will be on view until June 30 in the gallery’s Mayfair location.

Lukas WegwerthBLANKENAU Coffee Table, 2021, Unique, Germany
Saelia AparicioAlina, Unique, 2020, United Kingdom
Maria Bruun & Anne D. VesterComparing Conditions Oak, 2021, Denmark
Lukas WegwerthBLANKENAU Coffee Table, 2021, Unique, Germany
Max LambGlulam Chair, 2021, Unique, United Kingdom
GlitheroLes French Sideboard, 2021, Unique, United Kingdom
Casey McCaffertyCairn Chair, 2020, US
Allan CollinsThe Corinth Side Table, 2020, United Kingdom
atelier lachaert dhanisLouis XIV, 2020, Unique, Belgium
Francesco PeriniIncontro (Black Marble on Oak), 2018, Unique, Italy
Max LambGlulam Pillow Sofa, 2020, Unique, United Kingdom

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