The Art of the Sushi

If you like Omakase (a meal of dishes selected by the chef), or simply sushi, you may have subscribed to the Instagram page of The Sushi Guide, a leading voice in the world of Japanese cuisine. A traveler, photographer, and admirer of the culinary arts, the Guide, as he came to be known, has traveled the world for years, exploring and discovering the best of the best in the world of sushi, while building a community, and chronicling restaurants through his gorgeous photographs and advice.

Now, he came out with his first book, The Art of the Sushi. This exquisite coffee table book, designed in a Japanese aesthetic sensibility, comes to document and to spotlight the up-and-comer chefs who share the never-ending pursuit of perfection while creating the best sushi in America. Those top masters spend years honing small details — curing, aging, temperatures, ratios, learning the nuances of 30-40 different fish, the subtle flavor differences during each season — creating the some of the world’s best sushi.  

Over the past decade, American cities have embraced Japan’s most respected culinary discipline, Omakase. This book comes to rate the best sushi in various American cities, from New York, to Chicago, to LA, and allow us to make the right selection. While one of the world’s most simple foods, who ever thought raw fish and some rice would become such a phenomenon? Now it is available for ordering as the perfect holiday gift.