Tel Aviv’s Modernist Marvel

It is hard to believe, but this week marks the end of another successful lecture tour in Tel Aviv and we will be packing and travel home. Every morning, when we look outside of the window in the beautiful apartment at the center of Tel Aviv, we can see an architecture marvel, one of Israel’s the most magical modernist buildings, an icon and the home of Israel Philharmonic Orchestra. We are going to miss this view of historical building. Opened 1957 at Habima Square, it was designed by Zeev Rechter, his son Yaakov Rechter, and their partner Dov Karmi. Founded in 1930 by Zeev Rechter, Rechter Architects had been responsible for disseminating Modernist architecture in Israel’s built fabric. Leonard Bernstein conducted here the inaugural and seminal concert with the Israel Philharmonic and pianist Arthur Rubinstein, as a soloist, well described in Michael Ohad, my late uncle’s book The Philharmoic. It was named the Fredric R. Mann Auditorium until 2013, when it was reopened following extensive restoration project. Here are some vintage photographs that capture its allure.  

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