Peter Lane: A Studio Visit

Ceramics is everywhere. It has recently moved to the forefront of the contemporary art and design worlds as a medium utilized to convey ideas and narratives more than at any given time before.

Peter Lane, the renowned NYC-based artist, is known for creating Brutalist and artistic architectural installations — in clay. Responsible for many large-scale installations in private residences, hotels, and couture boutiques across the globe, Lane has developed a language and technique which have made his work stand out. The more Brutalist, the better; the more rough, heavy, and sculptural, the finer his work has become. Visiting Peter Lane’s studio this morning in opening the fall season of my program, Design and Decorative Arts in New York, was an incredible and stimulating treat. His oeuvre was fully revealed when he, in the most generous and articulate way, introduced us to his art.

The process of mastering the clay together with its methods and technical challenges is complex and provocative, and only a deep understanding of space could have resulted in this ambitious, personal, and original sensibility. Peter Lane has transcended ceramic art, reorienting it toward architecture, merging art, design, and spaces. Thank you, Peter Lane for opening the door to your rich artistic world, and for enriching ours.