My Home Portfolio Book

The Victorians had a strong sense of domesticity, and for the Victorian housewife, beautifying the home and selecting its furnishings, was the way to distinguish her family, to give it its own identity. To document all of these efforts, came the watercolor artist, who visited the home and captured its interiors in their perfection, showcasing the family inhabiting their beloved home. The 21st-century equivalent to this custom is the personal photographic book, containing artistic photos of the interiors, the perfect dream gift, which I have recently received from a friend. ‘Something that will stay with you,’ she added in the note, ‘forever.’ And so came artist photographer Konstantinos Pigadas to my home, and with just a little staging, has brought a glamour, flair, and spark, made my home look so dazzling through his own lens, fining the best angles, creating the best views. This book, which I put in my library, documents the moment, but also the memories, and in the years to come, will remind us the way we are, the way we were. A trained artist who is regularly showing at New York City art galleries, Costas, as he is called, has made his name with shooting interiors of stylish residences, yachts, and hotels, photos which have been published in over 150 international books and magazines worldwide. So this is a thank-you note for a dear friend for a spectacular gift, my home home portfolio book. 

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