Gallery FUMI at the Salon Art + Design, 2018

In celebrating the upcoming The Salon Art + Design, which will open at the Park Avenue Armory this Friday, I have hosted special guests in the program Collecting Design this morning. Sam Pratt and Valerio Capo, the dynamic and sweet talents behind Gallery FUMI, the London-based design gallery which will be presenting contemporary pieces from its extraordinary program at the fair. The curatorial selections; the gallery’s artists; participation in global fairs; creating a distinctive identity within the context of the collectible design world;  and the stories behind the scenes were the key topics discussed in this enriched and stimulating morning. Established in 2008, the gallery’s program, we have learnt this morning, manifests a special focus on conceptual objects crafted in the studio by the artists. The value of craftsmanship, innovative processes and materials, and their use in the service of concepts are notions that the it largely embraces. The talk revealed the distinctive role of the dealer in the world of collectible design as a curator, producer, guide, and tastermaker. Thank you, Sam and Valerio for the generous and revealing discussion. We look forward to viewing your booth at the Salon Art + Design.