Design Masterpieces at 1950 Gallery

‚ÄčThe term ‘Design Masterpieces’ has come to evoke a lot of different notions and meanings. In the current show, opened this week at 1950 Gallery by my dearest friend Alberto Aquillino, it means great pieces of furniture carefully selected and curated, all from the famed mid-century urban project by Le Corbusier in Chandigah, the capital of Northern Indian Stares, all set in a stunning domestic environment. When Le Corbusier designed what had become the most ambitious urban project of his career, the Swiss architect also designed all furniture for the Capitol Complex, crafted on site and supervised by his cousin Pierre Jeanneret. Since rediscovered by pioneer French dealers a decade ago, this furniture, with its simple, minimal, strong character, has quickly become a blockbuster in the marketplace, regularly used by interior designers and tastemakers who found in it, the perfect fit for contemporary art collectors. Now, that 1950 Gallery has opened the show Design Masterpieces, which exemplifies the power of this furniture to establish sophisticated minimalism, it has put the pieces in the contemporary interior context. The use of the special hues so associated with Le Corbusier has just added to the allure that has attracted so many during recent years. This show opens until May 20th at 1950 Gallery at 52 East 76th Street and for more information, call (212) 995-1950.

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