Collecting Design in 2019

Always look for the roots of their passion, when meeting great collectors, because the roots highlight the essence of collecting. In the case of Jim Elkind, it goes all the way back to his childhood in Long Island, growing up in a house filled with masterpieces of mid-century design. It is there, that his eye to recognize the great was first shaped. One of the pieces that he clearly remembers is his father’s home office desk, also known as ‘Model 4658,’ which George Nelson designed for Herman Miller in the 50s, identical to the example included in the upcoming sale of his extraordinary single-owner collection. Taking place on January 20th at Rago Auctions, this collection, which summarizes 36 years of design connoisseurship, is the most anticipated auction of the upcoming month. The curated sale consists of pieces of the highest quality, exemplifying the notion of remarkable and eclectic vintage modern design. Since opening his gallery Lost City Arts in the early 80s, Elkind has pioneered and has developed an expertise in furniture, lighting, and architectural elements, known for acquiring contents of entire banks and train stations. The upcoming sale includes three sets of lamps in bronze and glass, salvaged from the famed and elaborated New York Central Railroad in Buffalo, built in 1929, testimony to the elegant and stylish of train stations of the Art Deco era (above). Another piece which is particularly closed to my heart, is a unique and sculptural wall cabinet by Paul Evans, which has the absolute original finish, and which I have borrowed for the film ‘Collecting Paul Evans,’ to embody the greatness of Evans’ legacy.  For the full catalog, visit Rago Auction website

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