Catherine Deneuve and Yves Saint Laurent

When Catherine Deneuve first met Yves Saint Laurent, she was 22 years old and about to be introduced to the Queen of England. She had famously selected Saint Laurent to dress her for the occasion, and this marked the beginning of an enduring friendship and a relationship which lasted for decades. In January, during Haute Couture Fashion Week, Christie’s will be offering the sale of Deneuve’s wardrobe created by the late designer, a collection which testifies of this iconic friendship. It includes of such emblematic pieces as evening dresses worn by the French actress in Cannes, Hollywood, Venice; trench coats; and example of Saint Laurent’s black smokings, which Deneuve was the first to wear. For the occasion of the sale, she recalls the moment of their meeting: “In 1965, I was invited to be presented to Queen Elizabeth II and my husband David Bailey, a fashion photographer, suggested that I ask Yves Saint Laurent for an evening dress; I arrived at Rue Spontini with a photo from the Russian Collection from the previous year which he agreed to create for me.” From that moment on, Saint Laurent had become her favorite designer and she was his muse. He kept designing for her until his last show in 2002. What a great moment to take home a piece of fashion history. Images: ©Christie’s Images Ltd, 2018, and the images of Catherine Deneuve are to be credited to ©Jean-Luce Huré.

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