Brian McCarthy – The Collector

Brian McCarthy belongs to a small group of prolific American interior decorators who began their career at the legendary office of Parish-Hadley. It was this office that came to set the standard for American style in interior decor from the 60s through the 80s, creating homes for some of America’s most legendary families. Brian’s training at Parish Hadley in traditional, luxurious interior décor has come to shape the tone and direction of his own signature interiors. The quest for perfection and the search for meaningful objects have their trace in all of his interiors. In his soul, Brian is a true collector who has the knowledge, eye, and skills to understand and select works of art. To him, there is no other way to live but with art and great design, and he has devoted his career to the pursuit of this philosophy. Many of his clients across the globe either share this approach already, or, if not, are willing to learn, being guided and inspired by him. Whether at New York or London galleries, TEFAF or the Salon Art + Design, at the showrooms of the finest carpets, he is in an eternal search for the next object, sculpture, or painting.  

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