Architecture: The Legends

Who are the world’s most influential architects? Who are those giants who have come to define and shape the profession in its current identity? What can we learn from them?

You cannot fully understand contemporary culture nor design, without knowing the built fabric. Architecture: The Legends is a ten-session series, which I curate and host for Christie’s Education, opening on October 12th. I will host 10 of the world’s most important and intriguing architects, the legends who have established international profiles with their own signatures, designing some of the world’s most renowned and important projects. They will provide insight into the evolution of their work, careers, and the state of architecture today. 

In this program, the only one of its kind, I seek to explore and outline architecture and urbanism, and to reveal the way they respond to economics, politics, social reform, spirituality, and aesthetics. This series offers a rare, stimulating opportunity to learn how to ‘read,’ experience, understand, and enjoy architecture, and to view it as lens through which we can understand our world. It allows the audience to meet the heroes of contemporary architecture, to gain insight into their approaches, references, emotions, methods, and philosophies, and the way they see how architecture is shaping our world.

Join me to the most spectacular design experience of the fall and learn how to ‘read,’ experience, and enjoy architecture from the world’s leading, most influential architects.


October 12 – Santiago Calatrava

October 19 – Robert Stern

October 26 – Charles Renfro

November 2 – Thom Mayne 

November 9 – Rafael Viñoly

November 16 – Jeanne Gang

November 23 – Frida Escobedo

November 30 – Live recording from Design Miami

December 7 – Daniel Libskind

December 14 – Milton Curry

December 21 – OPEN Architecture – Li Hu and Wenjing

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