Amy Lau – The Curator

In her soul, Amy Lau is a curator, one of the most important commodities that every interior designer today should have. Her expertise is rooted in a deep knowledge of the history of design, and she curates homes like art exhibitions. Lau has a rare ability to select objects of the highest design quality, vintage and contemporary, and then to place them in her spaces in the most unexpected, fresh way, always establishing a fascinating dialogue between the objects and the interior, between the objects and the art on the wall. She is not afraid to use color, textures, creating layers and layers of visual experiences, which have won her admirers, homes of personal identities. I went to visit her at a penthouse on the Upper East Side, which she has created for husband-and-wife art collectors and lovers of design. The episode was created for the program de.sign, produced by 3D Produzioni for Skyarte; directed by Valeria Parisi; dressed by Anne Fontaine. 

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